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Mushroom Foray at Musquodoboit Nova Scotia 2008.

If you like getting out in the fresh air, are interested in NATURE and like being in the woods with like minded people, and are curious about fungi, the pictures below will give you some idea as to what took place last year at the inaugural Mushroom Foray at Musquodoboit.
Picture 1,Breakfast comes first of course!
Picture 2,One of the organisers,Brendan Hemens welcomes people to the inaugural Nova Scotia mushroom foray.
Picture3,shows the diverse age groups that got together for a great day of shrooming.

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

Picture 3.

Picture 4,shows one of the experts,a plant pathologist from N.S.A.C preparing to give an short intoductory talk on mushrooms before heading off in to the woods. The "antelope" sign is the name of a scout troop. The foray was held at a boy scout camp.
Picture 5 and 6,shows people loading up their vehicles with things they need for a succesful day in the woods.

Picture 4.

Picture 5.

Picture 6.

Picture 7,we arrive at one of the trails.
Picture 8,taking a GPS fix before heading in to the trees.
Picture 9,sometimes you have to get down really close to take a good look.

Picture 7.

Picture 8.

Picture 9.

Picture 10 and 11,after identifications in the field ALL fungi were taken back to the camp and ones that were more difficult to identify were subject to more scrutiny,including the use of microscopes to closely examine the spores.
Picture 12,after a great day of foraging we arrived back at the camp just in time for supper. Then it was time to eat some of the edible mushrooms that we had found during our time in the woods.

Picture 10.

Picure 11.

Picture 12.

Some of the more interesting and photogenic mushrooms that were found are pictured below.

Below are two pictures of Frost's Bolete,Boletus frostii. Many boletes are edible,unfortunately this is not one of them.


Frost's Bolete,Boletus frostii.

Frost's Bolete, Boletus frostii.


Below are two pictures of Sulfur Tuft,Naematoloma fasciculare. Sulfur Tuft is poisonous.





Below are two pictures of Green Capped Jelly Baby,Leotia viscosa. 





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