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Although I reside in Nova Scotia much of the information is applicable to a much broader geographic area that would include Newfoundland to the East, Ontario to the West, Illinois to the South and East again to New Jersey.

This web site will allow me to share with you my passion for Mushrooms and Wildflowers.

Over many years I have discovered the seemingly endless species of Wildflowers and mushrooms that are on offer in the woods of Nova Scotia. Therefore each Spring is a time that I await in great anticipation as the snow melts and the Earth begins a new cycle of regeneration.

Then the hunt begins!

Slide Shows.

I am available to present slide shows on mushrooms  or wildflowers or perhaps both , if requested.

I have also, on many occasions been invited by various organisations to be their “Mushroom Expert” on mushroom walks and have attended “bioblitz’s” where I have provided mushroom expertise. Please see below for a listing of the organisations I have had the privilege to be involved with.

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Free stuff.

You can also preview for free, my DVD’s of Mushrooms or Wildflowers. In addition and also for free, you can download a database of all the species of mushrooms and wildflowers that are to be found on my DVD and get a real taste of what grows in our wonderful Nova Scotia woods by clicking here.


Chanterelle,Cantharellus cibarius.

A Shroomer,A Bloomer,A Photographer and Webmaster.

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