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Artist's Conk,Ganoderma applanatum.

Ganoderma applanatum or as it is commonly called The Artist's Polypore or sometimes The Artist's Conk is not uncommon in North America and is found on dead or dying trees,usually hardwood trees but is also occasionally found on conifers.
They can grow to quite a size and when found 20 inches across is possible

Artist's Conk,Ganoderma applanatum.

Artist's Conk,Ganoderma applanatum.

Artist's Conk,Ganoderma applanatum.

Coming Soon.
This fungus is named The Artist's Conk for a very good reason. With a talented artist they can be turned in to works of art that can be proudly displayed in your home.The underside is where the spore producing surface is located. It is smooth and pure white and lends itself very well to being drawn or painted on by skilled hands. Each one will be unique,grown by Mother Nature and turned in to a work of art by a Nova Scotia artist.
They make a wonderful and unique gift for home or cottage,just the thing for a log cabin!
E-mail me for details on mailing to your location by clicking here.
There will be more "artist's conks" offered as they become available.

Take your pick from Wolf #1,Owl #1 or #2 or the Heron for $30.
Wolf # 2 is a much larger mushroom and is priced accordingly.
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OWL # 1. Approximately 7" wide x 5 1/2" high

WOLF # 1. Approximately 8 1/2 wide x 6" high.

HERON. Approximately 7"wide x 4" high.

OWL # 2.Approximately 6 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" high.

OWL # 1 Reverse side.

WOLF. Reverse side.

HERON. Reverse side.

OWL # 2. Reverse side.


WOLF # 2 Approximately 15 1/2 inches wide X 9 inch

WOLF # 2 Reverse side.

WOLF # 2 with Ash wood support block.


Before filling out the order form please e-mail me for shipping and handling costs to your address.

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