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Mushrooms of Nova Scotia




This web site has moved,please click here to be re-directed to Mushrooms and Wildflowers of Nova Scotia.

On my new and very much expanded web site learn about ;

Mushrooms and Wildflowers of Nova Scotia.


Mushroom Names.

Fungi's Role in the Ecosystem.

The Mushroom Season.

Collecting and Studying Mushrooms.

Mushroom Toxins and Symptoms of Poisoning.

Mushroom Art,The Artist's Conk.

Mushroom Foray at Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia 2008.

Mushroom Foray at North River, Cape Breton 2009.

Mushroom Foray at White Point resort(Liverpool) 2010.

Species of particular interest.


Wildflower Names.

Nova Scotia Orchids.

Nova Scotia'sWildflowers at Risk.

Nova Scotia's Four Lady's Slippers.

Nova Scotia's Three Pink Bog Orchids.

Naturally Nova Scotia

A page where you can contribute to the web site on any Nature related subject not just wildflowers and mushrooms. My first contributor was Allan MacDonald from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Allan sent in an excellent article on the GEOLOGY of Nova Scotia.

DVD Page

A page where you can preview both my DVD's on Mushrooms of Nova Scotia and Wildflowers of Nova Scotia.